Electric dehydrators, dehydration boxes

Electric dehydrators

Electric dehydrators are used for deep oil dehydration both as a part of complex technological lines in oil treatment plants (OTP) and in the central oil collection and treatment stations (CCS).

The apparatus of this kind are horizontal or vertical cylindrical steel vessels with two welded elliptical heads. The vessel is installed on a foundation with the help of two saddles.

The electrode systems, manifolds for oil-and-water mix and flush water inlet and treated oil and contaminated water outlet are provided inside lined and chemically protected bodies. The apparatus can be equipped with transformers or “dry” high-voltage power source.

Technical characteristics of electric dehydrators:

Capacity, m3

63 - 200

Efficiency, m3/hr

200 - 500

Working pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2)

0,7 (7) -1,8 (18)

Working temperature, °С

up to 140

Base material

Low-alloy steel 09G2S

Weight, kg

21000... 54400